Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sum rules for electron-hole bilayer and two-dimensional point dipole systems

Author(s): Kenneth I. Golden and Gabor J. Kalman

We formulate and analyze the third-frequency-moment sum rules for the two-dimensional (point) dipole system (2DDS) and the mass-symmetric electron-hole bilayer (EHB) in their strongly coupled liquid phases. The former, characterized by the repulsive interaction potential φD(r)=μ2/r3 (μ is the electr...

[Phys. Rev. E 88, 033107] Published Tue Sep 24, 2013

Thermal energy density of dust in dusty plasmas: Experiment and theory

Author(s): R. Fisher, K. Avinash, E. Thomas, R. Merlino, and V. Gupta

Rapid Communication A surprising observation in dusty plasma experiments is that the dust thermal energy density, Pd ∝ ndTd, is typically much greater than ndTn (where nd and Td are the dust density and temperature, and Tn is the neutral temperature), even though the dust particles would be expected to be in thermal eq...

[Phys. Rev. E 88, 031101] Published Mon Sep 23, 2013