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Dust-acoustic shocks in strongly coupled dusty plasmas

Author(s): S. E. Cousens, V. V. Yaroshenko, S. Sultana, M. A. Hellberg, F. Verheest, and I. Kourakis

Electrostatic dust-acoustic shock waves are investigated in a viscous, complex plasma consisting of dust particles, electrons, and ions. The system is modelled using the generalized hydrodynamic equations, with strong coupling between the dust particles being accounted for by employing the effective...

[Phys. Rev. E 89, 043103] Published Fri Apr 04, 2014

Cylindrical and spherical dust-acoustic Gardner solitons in dusty plasmas with nonthermal ions of distinct temperatures

Abstract The fundamental properties of cylindrical and spherical dust-acoustic (DA) waves in dusty plasmas with consisting of negatively charged mobile dust, two populations of nonthermal ions with distinct temperatures, and Boltzmann-distributed electrons, are rigorously investigated both theoretically and analytically. The modified Gardner (mG) equation is derived by using the reductive perturbation method. The basic features of nonplanar DA modified Gardner solitons (mGSs) are analyzed by using numerical solutions of the mG equation. The nature and the basic characteristics of the mGSs are found to be significantly modified by the existence of two-temperature nonthermal ions. The implications of our investigations in understanding the nonlinear electrostatic perturbations observed in some astrophysical and space plasmas, where distinct-temperature nonthermal ions can significantly modify the wave dynamics, are briefly discussed in this current analysis.